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Guide to the Magic was created to celebrate the magic and fantasy of Walt Disney World. After many, many visits to Florida (more than I can count), I started to become interested in the story behind the story. What inspired this attraction? How did they create those effects? As I read through every book I could get my hands on, I found a new appreciation for all things Disney. You might think that visiting Walt Disney World would get boring after a while (how many times can you ride Splash Mountain?), but I found that quite the opposite was happening. The more I learned the more I became caught up in all the little things—the hidden secrets, the magical moments, and the discovery of new places. I realized that there was so much to explore, so much to experience, and so much to enjoy!

It was also during this time that my family and I started keeping our own journals of our trips; recording everything from where we ate and what attractions we visited to the weather and what our favorite moments were. Soon we were giving friends and family advice on their trips—what they should see, ways to make their trip more enjoyable and so on. We tried to explain to everyone (sometimes successfully, sometimes not), that Walt Disney World is unlike any place you’ve ever been; certainly much more than a traditional amusement park. It would discourage us to hear people dismiss their Disney trip as a non-ending quest to ride every attraction that they could, or have them think that it’s only for little kids and that it was a “parental obligation” to go. We knew that that was clearly not the case (the fact that many of the existing guide books reinforce that notion certainly didn’t help!).

So we decided it was time to share with everyone all the things that make Walt Disney World a magical place; the meticulous attention to detail, the all-inclusive experience, and the utopian vision behind it all. And that’s how the website and the guide books were born, as an effort to bring the wonder of Disney to everyone, and to help make everyone’s Disney experience just as magical as ours has been.

Enjoy the magic!

Tim Foster
Guide to the Magic


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