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Walk through the lush, tropical forests of Africa to see a variety of animals and plants in their native habitat. On the first part of your trek you'll see Stanley cranes, okapi, and yellow-backed duikers (a variety of antelope). Next you'll enter a research building where you'll find a variety of exhibits, including a group of naked mole rats (they're actually very cute)!
As you leave the research building you'll enter an aviary, where you can see a variety of exotic African birds.

From the aviary it's on to the hippo pond. Dik-diks, meerkats, and gerenuks (a giraffe-like animal) greet you for the next part of your tour, and next comes the highlight of the journey, the Gorilla Research Camp. Look for Gino, a silverback male and the head of the troop! A suspension bridge and a bamboo fence provide one last glimpse of the majestic gorillas before you finally reach the end of the trail near Harambe Station.

Nothing scary here, just lots of walking. The tour takes about 20 minutes.

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