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Travel 65 million years back in time to the ancient land of the dinosaurs! After an introductory tour through the Dino Institute (where you'll see a variety of dinosaur bones and exhibits), you'll receive a briefing on your upcoming adventure. Your mission is to board your specially designed time travel vehicle, the Time Rover, and journey back to prehistoric times so you can study some living dinosaurs.

Just as you're about to board though, another scientist (Dr. Grant Seeker) tells you of your REAL mission. Instead of sending you back to see the dinosaurs, he wants you to bring one back to the present day! And he has just the candidate, an Iguanodon that he's tracked especially for the return trip.

There's just one problem, however. It's not so much where the Iguanodon is but when it is—you'll need to go back in time to moments before a huge asteroid crashes into the Earth! And not to alarm you, but it's this very asteroid that caused the massive extinction of the dinosaurs. Piece of cake, right?

Well, needless to see, your trip is a fast-paced race against time, with ferocious dinosaurs pursuing you at every turn and asteroid fragments exploding around you. Will you find the Iguanodon in time? Will you make it back? (Well, of course you'll make it back, but you may have some company!)

You must be 40” to ride. Dinosaur is VERY loud and VERY bumpy. Much of the ride takes place in the dark, and the dinosaur effects are very frightening.

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