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Most people rush right through the Oasis, thinking it's just a non-important area that they need to pass through on the way to the Animal Kingdom proper. Take the time to explore as you wander through. The Oasis is actually an attraction in its own right, with lots of pathways to navigate and animal habitats to discover.
Even though all of the pathways lead to the same place, it's easy for your party to get separated (especially if someone gets distracted and falls behind). Be sure to keep your group together!
Here is a list of some of the animals you'll find during your exploration of Discovery Island:
African Spoonbill
Bahama Pintail
Black Neck Swan
Bronze-winged Duck
Chiloe Wigeon
Florida Cooter
Giant Anteater
Hooded Merganser
Hyacinth Macaw
Indian Spotbill
Javan Tree Duck
Mandarin Duck
Military Macaw
Patagonian Cavy
Puna Teal
Radjah Shelduck
Reeves' Muntjac
Rhinoceros Iguana
Ringed Teal
Rosybill Pochard
Ruddy Duck
Scarlet Macaw
Sharpe-winged Teal
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Swamp Wallaby
Tufted Deer
Two-toed Sloth
Yellow-bellied Sliders
White Ibis
If you see a palm tree walking about, don't worry, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you (the Imagineers are!). That's Wes Palm, the roving talking tree that appears throughout the Animal Kingdom.

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