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Most people aren't aware of it, but you can walk along the waterway that connects the Disney's Hollywood Studios with the Epcot resorts on Crescent Lake. Because it's lightly traveled, the walk is often quiet and peaceful, particularly early in the morning or towards evening. Not only will you enjoy a relaxing stroll, but you'll also get some magnificent views of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Swan and Dolphin resorts.
Walking through the Disney's Hollywood Studios is like taking a walk back in time through the golden age of Hollywood. The art-deco architecture, neon lights and chrome fixtures hearken back to the days of movie making magic. Nighttime is especially exciting, as the Disney's Hollywood Studios are lit-up with all the fanfair of a world premiere.
While the lack of a proper "central hub" makes the Disney's Hollywood Studios a bit awkward to navigate, it also makes it the most fun to explore. As you wander throughout the park you'll find hidden alleyways and back streets leading to all sorts of out of the way places (and who knows, you may even come across a surprise or two!).
Not everything at the Disney's Hollywood Studios is what it appears to be. Remember, the movies are filled with special effects and little tricks to make the unbelievable believable. Lampposts, wells, and other innocuous objects may actually conceal a clever surprise (for instance, if a sign warns you not to pull on a rope, try pulling it anyway!).

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