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October 1, 1982
Origins: Walt Disney had always envisioned building a city of the future. He wanted to create an environment where people could work, live and play; utilizing the newest technological advances of the the day. He saw an opportunity to create a new type of city; one that avoided the problems typical of urban areas.

When the Florida Project (as it was called) was being developed, this new city was always a vital component of the conceptual plans. The city project was named the Experimental Prototypical Community Of Tomorrow, or EPCOT for short. Walt even had a short film produced in 1966 in which he unveiled his plans for the new city (the film has rarely been seen until recently, you can view part of it the One Man's Dream exhibit at the Disney's Hollywood Studios).

Sadly, Walt Disney passed away a few months later, and while the construction of the Magic Kingdom and the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort continued on, plans for the construction of EPCOT were put on hold.

Over time, the Disney team realized that building an entire city with all of its inherent complexities was beyond their reach, particularly after the huge financial strain that the Florida Project put on the company. However, they still wished to see Walt's dream become a reality, so a new idea was born. EPCOT would be created, but rather than being a city of tomorrow, it would be a theme park—but unlike any theme park that had ever been seen. Taking inspiration from the World's Fairs of years gone by (see the History of the Magic Kingdom to learn how influential the 1964-65 New York World's Fair was on its development), EPCOT was reconceptualized as an ongoing showcase of the latest technology and the various cultures of the world's nations—basically a permanent World's Fair.

And so EPCOT was born. The design of the park went through many changes, but soon the new park opened its doors to an eagerly awaiting public, and the rest is history.

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