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The name of the park has gone through several subtle changes. When it opened, the park was known as EPCOT Center (EPCOT was always printed in capital letters signifying its use as an acronym for the Experimental Prototypical Community Of Tomorrow). By 1994, it was thought that the name EPCOT was sufficiently recognized as a word unto itself (rather than just an acronym), so the name of the park was changed to simply Epcot.

Additionally, in keeping with the World's Fair concept, it was decided that the park would be reexamined and updated every year to keep it current and vital. Thus, EPCOT Center became Epcot '94, with Epcot '95 and Epcot '96 following in subsequent years. After 1996 that idea was abandoned and the park has been known simply as Epcot ever since.
A model of the original city concept was constructed during the early planning stages of Epcot. While the city itself was never constructed, you can see the actual model on display at the Tomorrowland Transit Authority in the Magic Kingdom.
The original design of Epcot was vastly different from the final version. For one thing, Future World and World Showcase were reversed, with World Showcase serving as the entrance to the park. Additionally, Epcot was at one time intended to be built across from the Magic Kingdom on Seven Seas Lagoon.
You may notice that the walkways throughout Epcot have a pinkish hue. This was purposely done to create visual contrast between the pavement and the grass, making the grass appear much more vibrant (red/pink and green are complimentary colors).

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