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The most important tip is to enjoy the magic. Part of that begins with the planning of your trip, but once you're there, remember to let yourself be immersed in the fantasy. Epcot has so much to offer besides the attractions. Take time to explore the different lands and to enjoy the little things. Don't be in such a hurry to get from point A to point B, there's so much more to see in between!
Of course, the attractions are the big draw, and you will want to experience as many of them as you can. To enable you to visit the attractions you want without getting caught up in rigid timetables and frantic scurrying, try the following tips:
Visit the headliner attractions during less busy times to avoid long waits. Good times to visit are first thing in the morning and during parades or shows.
Take advantage of FastPass whenever you can. A good rule of thumb is to use FastPass if the standby wait time is more than 20 minutes. While you're waiting for your FastPass time to arrive, visit some of the less crowded attractions or do some exploring. If you want to get a FastPass for Test Track or Soarin, be sure to do it as early inthe day as possible; FastPasses for those attraction tend to run out by mid-day.
Visit during Extra Magic Hours so you can ride the major attractions as often as you like with little or no wait (it's also a great time to experience the magic of the park).
If you are staying for several days, don't try to cram too much into a single day. Spread yourself out so you can take your time and enjoy everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer.
If your time allows, take a break in the middle of the day. Not only does this allow you to avoid the busiest time of day when crowds are the largest, it will give you a chance to experience more of the magic that Walt Disney World has to offer. Visit one of the deluxe resorts for lunch, or take a swim at your resort's pool. By the time you get back to the park, you'll be refreshed and ready for an evening of fun!
Getting to the Epcot can be half the fun. Take a monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom, or enjoy a boat ride from any of the Epcot resorts.
Another strategy to avoid the crowds is to do everything at the "wrong time". For example, eat lunch at eleven and dinner at three. You'll avoid the mealtime crush at the restaurants and also be able to enjoy the parks while everyone else is eating. You can also leave early to avoid the crowd of people trying to leave the park at day's end. If you watching IllumiNations, hang around and let the crowds jostle their way out of the park. You can wander around for a while, soaking up the nighttime ambience of World Showcase, and then leave after the crowds have thinned a bit. (Don't worry about being able to catch your transporation, remember that many people are still in Epcot enjoying a late dinner, so the monorail, boats and buses will be running for quite a while).

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