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Ellen’s Energy Adventure (the feature attraction of the Universe of Energy pavilion) is a combination dark ride/theater show that humorously tells the story of energy. The show starts with Ellen Degeneres welcoming everyone into the preshow area. There, she invites you into her apartment as she settles down to watch her favorite show, Jeopardy!. She is surprised (and a bit annoyed) to see that her old college rival Judy (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is on the show–and doing well. Neighbor Bill Nye the Science Guy wanders in to borrow an odd variety of items for an experiment, and tries to explain to Ellen that energy (the category Judy is excelling in) is not stupid. Not convinced, Ellen soon falls asleep and soon begins to dream.

At this point you’ll enter into a large theater where the show continues on a gigantic wrap around movie screen. Now it’s Ellen’s turn to be on Jeopardy!, and of course Judy is one of her opponents (the other being Albert Einstein!). Naturally, all of the categories relate to energy. But it’s Bill Nye to the rescue as he whisks Ellen away on a thrilling adventure through time to learn all about energy.

After witnessing the Big Bang (a loud Big Bang!), the entire theater starts to move and you're instantly transported back into prehistoric times. Incredibly lifelike Animatronic dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes menace you on your journey. You’ll see a Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus do battle, ride underneath a herd of long neck dinosaurs (who seem to have a sinus problem...), and watch a fearsome Pteranadon protecting her nest.

After some tense moments and a few close calls you end up in another theater. Here Bill Nye and Ellen take you on a fast paced journey through the development and discovery of new energy sources. And of course, you’ll get to see the end of Ellen’s Jeopardy! match–see if you can answer the Final Jeopardy question!

Parts of the presentation are VERY loud and the dinosaurs are very realistic. The ride portion of the attraction is slow moving and gentle.

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