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Mission: Space is an incredibly realistic space flight simulation that’s not for the faint of heart! Your mission starts as you board your space capsule with three fellow astronauts. Before you board you’ll be assigned a flight team position (commander, pilot, navigator or engineer). Depending on your assignment, you’ll have certain tasks you’ll need to perform during your journey.

Once you settle into the cabin the countdown begins. At liftoff, you’ll experience the incredible crush of the rapidly increasing g-forces as you race through the atmosphere and into outer space. After a few moments of weightlessness it’s time for the slingshot maneuver around the moon (with another round of intense g-forces), that will propel you towards your final destination: Mars. Once you arrive, you’re in for a bit of a bumpy landing as things don’t go quite as planned. It’s up to you and your team to land your spacecraft safely.

Mission: Space is fiercely intense, but it’s the most true to life space experience you can have short of hopping a ride on the space shuttle!

UPDATE: For those of you who may be a bit apprehensive about the perils of space flight, Mission: Space now offers a milder version of the attraction that you can experience. The main difference in this version is that the centrifuge is disabled, creating a fun-filled simulation of space flight without those pesky g-forces!

(Note that the following pertains to the "intense" version of Mission: Space, the "lighter" version is not nearly as scary!)

You must be 44” to ride. Mission: Space is definitely one of the scariest ride in Epcot and can cause motion sickness. The G-forces you experience are very intense.

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