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October 1, 1982
Origins: World Showcase was originally conceived of as the centerpiece to Epcot. It was to be positioned at the entrance of the park, with Future World to the rear. The design of World Showcase was very different in the beginning. The original plan was to have two rings of pavilions (a total of 30) joined together like a figure-8. Each pavilion would play host to a country, with every facade being equal in size. Guests would enter each pavilion to experience the exhibits, shops and other attractions the pavilion had to offer (all of the pavilions' offerings were inside).

However, due to a lack of sponsorship from many of the countries invited to participate, World Showcase (and Epcot as a whole) was reconceptualized. Future World now played the prominent role, and World Showcase was designed around a large lagoon at the rear of the park. Adjacent and equally sized pavilions gave way to separate and distinct areas where the architecture and beauty of each country could be put on full display.

Morocco joined World Showcase in 1984, while Norway was added in 1988.

The Millennium Village was added for the Millennium Celebration between Canada and the United Kingdom. This large pavilion played host to a number of countries with a variety of exhibits—everything from shops and information kiosks to interactive pavilions and shows. Perhaps the most impressive pavilion was hosted by Israel, where guests entered a moving theater taking them on a journey through Israel's history.

The Village closed at the conclusion of the Millennium Celebration, but the building itself is still used for special events.


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