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Yo ho, yo ho! Climb aboard mateys for this rollicking adventure as you cruise through a Caribbean town that’s under attack from a mischievous group of pirates led by the fearsome Captain Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. And yes, Jack Sparrow is on hand too, hiding from his former first mate (and causing a bit of mayhem himself!).

Your adventure begins as you wind your way through an old, abandoned fortress. Once you board your boat you'll slowly drift through some large underground caverns where you'll see an unfortunate band of pirates keeping an eternal vigil over their ill-gotten treasure. You'll also be greeted by the ominous spector of Davy Jones' ghost projected on a...waterfall? (Don't worry, it's only a clever illusion!). After an ominous warning you'll take a short (but gentle) plunge into darkness which puts you in the middle of a ferocious sea battle. A band of pirates, led by the fearsome Captain Barbossa, is laying seige to a Caribbean fortress, with cannons firing in both directions. Their goal? Why, treasure of course, but they're also on the lookout for Jack Sparrow!

As you sail further into the town, you'll see gangs of pirates running amuck; hunting for treasure, selling the town's women as brides, and setting fire to entire streets (keep an eye out for Jack Sparrow as he tries to keep a low profile!).

As your journey nears its end you'll encounter a few unfortunate pirates who are locked away in their cells with the means of their escape just inches away.
Finally, you'll see Jack Sparrow himself lounging in a room filled with lots of wonderful treasures, laughingly singing his new favorite song, "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..."!.

There’s one small drop in the dark and a few skeletons here and there, but mostly it’s a nice, slow boat ride.
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