Main Street
Liberty Square
Toontown Fair
Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm
Donald's Boat
& Toon Park
Mickey's Country House
Minnie's Country House
Toontown Hall of Fame/Judge's Tent

Take a wild ride on Goofy’s out-of-control airplane! This fun-filled roller coaster is the first in Walt Disney World designed specifically for kids.

On your way to the Barnstormer, take note of the plane that seems to have crashed into the local water tower, hopefully it's not an omen of things to come! Also, as you walk through Goofy's barn and through his cornfields, be sure to look out for a familiar looking scarecrow...

It seems that Goofy needs a bit of crop dusting done, and he needs your help! Climb aboard your crop-dusting plane and take off for the skies. Your topsy turvy trip takes you up, down and all around Goofy's barn. But watch out, as you swing around for one last turn it looks like you're going to be heading right for the back of the the barn! Fortunately (for you anyway), it looks like "someone" has already crashed into it ahead of you. Can you tell who it might have been?

You must be 35” to ride. While it still may be a little rough for very small children, the Barnstormer is smooth and gentle and shouldn’t be that scary.
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